What is Advantage and Disadvantage of Transpiration?

Transpiration Is a necessary Evil

Transpiration is a process in which plants lose water through the leaves or stomata. 
It is well-thought-out as an evil because extreme loss of water tend to stop the photosynthetic process and close the stomata. Advantage and disadvantage of transpiration tell the value of this event in plant life.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Transpiration

According to following respect transpiration are harmful.

Disadvantage of Transpiration:

  1. Water is most important component of plant. They utilize large amount of energy to get water from the soil and transpiration cause loss of energy in plant.
  2. Under water deficiency condition transpiration cause wilting, desiccation and mostly cause death of plants.
  3. In deciduous plants they shed their leaves to prevent water from loss and stop transpiration.
  4. In inadequate water supply plants wilt and their leaves become dry up especially older leaf.
  5. Mostly growth stunted due to high loss of water.
    Above all discussion suggest that transpiration is an Evil, some biologist say that transpiration is a necessary evil. The study of plants leaves show that stomata are primary organ that exchange the gases form the atmosphere, so this process cannot be avoided. So, they consider that transpiration is important for metabolic activity in plant. Transpiration have some advantage.

Advantages of Transpiration:

  1. Absorption of water and its translocation
  2. Absorption of minerals and their Distribution
  3. Energy exchange
  4. Improving quality of fruit
  5. Development of mechanical tissue in plant
  6. Optimum Turgidity

Absorption of water and its translocation:
In plants root absorbed water form soil through osmosis and use for transpiration. Transpiration pull help in absorption of water and upward movement in plant. In this way water stream is establish from root to top.

Absorption of minerals and their Distribution:
Mineral absorption is an active process and mineral supply is more at night as compare to day. According to some worker salt and mineral supply is passive under the influence of transpiration pull.

Energy exchange:
Heat energy in harmful for cell and leave absorbed 65% of sunlight that full on leaves, therefore get warmed. Transpiration is a cooling process and each gram of 2.4 KJ from the leaf and its environment. They also help in dissipate the absorbed radiant energy.

Improving quality of fruit:
Higher the rate of transpiration increasing the carbohydrates content of the fruit. Such fruit have a higher dry matter content that had a greater supply of water.

Development of mechanical tissue in plant:
More transpiration more development of mechanical tissue that help the plant resist form mechanical injury, stockier and tougher. The cell wall thick and cutinized that make plant more resistance to bacteria and pathogenic.

Optimum Turgidity:
It observed that more plants need Optimum Turgidity for best cell function. The over and under turgidity condition not helpful for cell growth. Transpiration help to maintain the Optimum Turgidity.

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